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Our Team

Jolly Gill

Pharmacist/Co Owner

Jolly is easy to spot as soon as you walk through the doors. Her likable demeanor and smile immediately make you feel at ease. Starting the Pharmasave Osoyoos in 2000, Jolly is most proud of the caring team she and her business partner Pam have built. With a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and a wealth of experience, Jolly is a trusted member of your health care team. 

Pam Davis

Pharmacist/Co Owner

Pam was the perfect piece of the puzzle to complete the Pharmasave Osoyoos ownership team. The combination of being a well respected, experienced Pharmacist and having a keen interest in her customers health and wellness made her the perfect fit. You'll immediately know you're in good hands as soon as Pam answers your first question. After moving to the area in late 2008, her husband literally dropped in to the pharmacy to see if there was an opening... and the rest, they say, is history. 

Pam also leads the Diabetes Education and Treatment Program at the Pharmacy and is always ready to listen and answer any questions you may have.

Jocelyn Kirs

Front store Manager/Home Health Care Advisor

Jocelyn has been with the team since early 2002. It's immediately apparent she loves working with both the customers and coworkers. When asked why she loves working at Pharmasave Osoyoos after so many years she responds with a smile noting, "I love it here because I feel as important as an owner. We all do." Jocelyn is more than happy to go out of her way making sure you have answers to all your questions. 

Laura Slater

Assistant Front Store Manager

Since 2005, Laura has been a key part of the team. Noting the level of professionalism, comradery and team work amongst the staff, Laura sees these reasons as why she continues to love her job. This translates into excellent customer service. Laura's always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Patt Costa

Office Manager

Within every great company, there's always someone behind the scenes making it run smoothly. Although you may not see her when you walk through the door, Patt is hard at work balancing the accounts, preparing payroll, and a number of other jobs that make Pharmasave Osoyoos a well oiled machine. 

Pam Holmes

Customer Service

Pam joined our team in 2010.  Pam has been a friendly, knowledgeable face at Pharmasave Osoyoos' front cash ever since.  

Sandy Mocci

Pharmacy Assistant

Since 2005 Sandy has been an important part of the Pharmacy team. When asked why she loves coming to work every day, she's quick to respond with, "It just feels like a family - everyone's on a first name basis." With years of experience behind the Pharmacy counter, you can count on Sandy for the right advice. 

Kuljit Brar

Pharmacy Assistant

The friendly environment within the walls of Pharmasave Osoyoos is what motivates Kuljit each and every day. Having been on the team since 2005 has solidified Kuljit as a caring, knowledgeable professional. 

Kim Demelo

pharmacy assistant

Kim is one of the bright faces you will see behind the pharmacy counter at Pharmasave Osoyoos.   After owning her own business for over twenty years, Kim is looking forward to the personal touch of giving great customer service. 

Korelli Brant

Pharmacy Assistant

Korelli is the newest face of Pharmasave however being behind the Pharmacy counter is not new to her. With almost 10 years of drug store experience, Pharmasave Osoyoos offers Korelli an exciting change.