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2 Week Trial - Day 1
Day #1 Weight loss = 0

Herb & cheese omelet that was easiest cooked as scrabbled eggs. Cold water in the shaker cooked in a non stick pan with no oil. I cooked it while my boys were entertained & I thought I could eat fast. But no! 20 minutes later and my boys are now sitting down with their breakfast and I’m comfortably sitting with my bowl of "eggs" at the computer.

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2 week trial
My food came in today. I did up my health questionnaire and have my phone call with all the final details scheduled for tomorrow. June 1, 2012 is day number one for Mike and I. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!
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2 Week Trial
Today I ordered it!!! I'm actually excited!! I'm starting my DIET. I am about to alter my life as I know it. This isn't the first time I've done a diet but it is the first time my dedicated hubby and I are dieting together in a house with two little boys.
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